Modern Day Farming

Last week I was sent a link on Twitter to a YouTube clip of a fantastic crush and an internal ultrasound device to test cows for pregnancy (preg testing). Both hubby and I looked at it, then showed it too our neighbor, all of us deciding we wanted the ultrasound device! The possibilities! We wouldn’t need to pay anybody else to do the job, and we could potentially do it while they were being milked. Any cow could be looked at as we found her.

As sometimes happens, we had the unexpected opportunity to watch one being used on some ‘in calf’ cows we’d purchased that we found were empty. One of the agents’ people came to give a second opinion – with one of these devices!

This device shows the uterus of a cow and everything in it on a screen that can be mounted in the crush area or in a special set of goggles. How cool is that!! Apparently its most accurate earlyish on till what would be called the end of the second trimester in humans. Later pregnancy scans show the cotyledons. Earlier scans show the calf in a skeletal image.

We had three ’empty’ (no pregnancy) cows test. All were shown to be empty.

The most amazing thing I found was we could see the uterus was healthy in two, and that there was an infection in the third. Makes it much simpler than guessing what might be the cause or if they’ll go in calf again. Normally we would have a vet or a specialist preg tester in to do the job and we just have to believe what they tell us.  With this we could see what the young man was talking about.

We also snuck two of our own in that we were deciding what to do with. Both were in calf so we got to see what they looked like too. I’m glad they were in calf. They’ve become pets.

I am sorry now I didn’t take photos of the process.

This was the realm of vets not that long ago. Now its possible for us to have this on farm to be used as required.

Except the cost!! So it won’t be happening soon!

One day……

Cows in the yard


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