Hosing Musing

Hosing out is a very mundane chore that needs to be done after milking every milking every day! That and the washing out of buckets and calf feeders gives me time to think.

Today I was listening to the news on the local commercial radio station lamenting the fact their newsreaders leave a lot to be desired (I’ll leave that for another time!). One of the reports was about the amnesty on illegal fishing in NSW. The report featured an emotional attack by someone against the amnesty – wasn’t listening that well!

But it got me thinking.

Why is it the news reports about agriculture – good and bad – rarely feature someone actually involved in the industry in question from the start? Most of the reports we hear and see are anti whatevers protesting against whatever it is. Then later rather than sooner an industry rep attempts to tell people that all the lies and innuendo that have been portrayed as truth by a headline hungry media are lies and innuendo.

This is where we are getting it all wrong.

We need to show a united front. We need someone in our corner to stand up from the get-go so we can be on the front foot from the start.

There has been a lot of talk recently on the role of farmer lobby groups. What is there role if its not to jump on these stories as they happen? Why can’t there be a dedicated media department, as there are for other groups, that listen for reports and respond to them straight away?

I also believe commercial mainstream media should have more good news rural stories. They are happy to show the atrocities associated with Live Export, but are they as willing to show how it helps?

And I have said it before and I shall say it again – The ABC Country Hour for each state shouldn’t be restricted to just rural people. It should be on at midday for everyone. Its just one hour five days a week. It might help that city/country divide.

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