Simple Pleasures

After my last post, I’ve decided to highlight the joy I find in a job that can be very hard physically and emotionally.

Today, sunrise.

Without fail, the sun comes up every morning!  And although we desperately need rain, the sunrises on these cool winter mornings lately have been spectacular.

The most intense reds and oranges.


I am the calf rearer.  This picture was taken from the spot I feed the bigger calves next to the dairy.

And there has been a planet just above the horizon of a morning.  I’m not sure what it is, but when the moon was also there last week it was quite eerie.


I consider myself fortunate I get to witness the renewal dawn brings almost every day.

Especially these cool mornings, when the sun peaks over the horizon, I close my eyes and feel the warmth grow on my face.


Once the sun comes over the hill it rises fast, bringing with it a joyful feeling that today will be a great day.


The odd light frost settles on the flats but quickly melt away.


The calves like to find a sunny spot after their feed.


I feel sorry for those who are still in bed at daybreak. They don’t know not what they miss.

4 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. I love sunrise as well although sometimes I really appreciate a sleep in. There is something about sunrise that is peaceful and refreshing no matter what you are doing.


    • Oh I’d love a sleep in! Even when I went away last month I was awake at 3.50am!
      But when life (or the cows!) Is busy handing me lemons, I make it my business to at least glimpse the sunrise. It never fails to give the illusion of everything being OK.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the read.


  2. Lovely photos Alison. I have to admit though, there are occasional farmers here who milk their cows at 4:30 am and then again at 4pm. We are night owls. Cows are brought in about 6:30 but it could be 7pm sometimes when they are brought in in the evening. 4:30 seems the middle of the night to me but 6:30 is a nice early morning.


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