Unexpected Pleasures

Last night, while talking to a person I am proud to call friend, she told me I’m the most sociable loner she knows. I replied I didn’t have a real friend until I moved to Coopernook. That made her laugh a lot – its a location joke…

But that’s beside the point really!

It made me think about why I’d made it to my 35th birthday without discovering the pleasure of true human connection.

The BPD I’ve spoken of before was one reason.  I had always been a loner! 

About a week after arriving in Coopernook to start our first dairy operation together, the P&C uniform lady rang me.  She’d heard I had a child to start at the small school and wanted to let me know what I needed and what she had as new and second hand uniforms. She seemed rather nice. A little forward, maybe nosey, but nice!

There was no bus for Coopy school so the parents made their way to the front gate every afternoon to pick their children up.  Everyone knew everyone and had their groups.  I sat in the car and read.

Until one day the uniform lady came and tapped on my window and told me she couldn’t watch me sit on my own anymore and no matter what I said about enjoying my reading time she would bug me till I socialised a bit!

As you can well imagine, I had no idea how to handle this!  So I went home and asked my social butterfly husband who suggested it wouldn’t hurt me to actually talk to people.

The rest, as they say, is history!

Her and I will be friends till the day we die, and know we have each others back!

I met four other awesome women in Coopy, and seeing them always makes my heart sing!

So, how does this relate to my current need to show what I love about my dairy life?

The people.

It takes a special kind of person to be a dairy farmer, and it takes a special kind of person to be true friends with a dairy farmer! 

To paraphrase something I read on Facebook, dairy farming – ruining weekends and social plans since forever!

A lot of the people I have come in contact with since we started milking cows around here have become good friends.  Mostly because hubby is like that I guess!

And no matter what our perception of the the publics perception, they do appreciate what happens to create the dairy products they love – if we show them.  My time at Coopernook showed that to me.

And if it hadn’t been for our desire to leave the situation we were in and try to make a dairy life for ourselves, I would be totally unaware how awesome having true friendships really are!

So here’s to the unexpected pleasures that come with milking cows!

4 thoughts on “Unexpected Pleasures

  1. Love my dairy friends. You have shared your ‘job’ with my family, my children, opened your hearts to people who had no idea which end of a cow pooped, let, and encouraged, us to ‘help’ at milking time and allowed us to see the joy of working on the land. You, and your social butterfly hubby, have changed our lives for ever. You, my amazing friend, have given me more than you will ever know. Love from the uniform lady.


  2. I’m not shy but I have to admit I don’t mix much with people. I do like my own company and love dipping in and out of social media and I do like meeting up with friends but can’t stand talking sh1t for any longer than 5 minutes! I know what it is like to move into an area though and know no one – it can take a long time to make good friends.


    • I quite enjoy my own company. But the right human can be a lot of fun! I used to be shy but don’t think I could say that I am any more!
      I think farming isolates you by its insular design. Social media has helped with that though. What other way would I know a birthday buddy from the other side of the world??


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