Daily Belly Laugh

I’ve never been inspired to have a go at a Daily Prompt before. Not because it didn’t interest me, mostly because I had nothing real to offer.

But the question asked is when was the last time I had a good laugh..

Today. That’s the last time.

I swapped a friend a facial for some chickens and a coffee kick frappé. That’s how our friendship works.

We’ve really only been friends for a few months, but I struggle to remember life without her.

We like to dissect the things that happen in our lives.

We are both dairy farmers. The dairy and our families are our lives. ‘Outsiders’ really don’t understand what goes on. Its like speaking our own private language.

We share a wicked sense of humour and way of looking at life. This means explanation is rarely required!
Today was snap day. We must have said the same thing at the same time at completely random moments two dozen times!

We had to stop what we were doing and wait for the tears to subside a lot!

The dairy life can be a hard life.  These chances to laugh just as hard make it a lot easier!

6 thoughts on “Daily Belly Laugh

  1. Same go’s!!! Much love and appreciation going your way. Knowing you helps in so many ways. And I love reading your blog


  2. LOL, during the depression my Grandfather took chickens as payment 😀 he ended up with a huge flock.


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