Daily Prompt


If you could paint your current mood on a canvas, what would that painting look like?
What would it depict?  

What an interesting question!

In the centre would be me. A calm, loving, serene, smiling me surrounded by purple and gold sparkles.

To my left, my children in an  ocean blue bubble. Their happy beautiful faces looking toward me for love and guidance.

To my right, my husband, a confusion of light and dark around him.He’d be reaching out for me with both hands while looking away. And probably on his phone.

Above us all, the cows, the farm, our dreams and ambition.

Underneath us though would be a black, boiling, smelly mass representing the jealousy, anger and bitterness threatening to engulf our extended families.

An ocean would separate that horrible nasty mess from us, with a vortex forming under my husband.

That would be my painting.

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt

  1. Ah. Can see why you’re extra busy. Just Keep Paddling.


  2. Touche . Zvuk argumenty . Chcete-li držet krok úžasné úsilí .


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