LOL Moments – The Power Of Thought

It is completely ridiculous, but we baled silage last week.

Yes, in July.

We had a paddock of not the best pasture locked up. The weather forecast looked like it wasn’t going to rain, so a decision was made to conserve it.


The treeline in the distance is where the creek runs. You probably can’t tell from the picture, but the paddock slopes down toward the creek, with an increasing slope closer to the treeline.


I was asked to bring the baling twine down. Hubby was near the creek when I got down there.

I thought to myself
Well you’d have to be careful where you dumped a bale here. It could end up in the creek

I also thought
‘I should film the baling process for a future blog.’

Little did I understand the power of my mind….

Apologies for the quality…

Luckily a tree stopped it.

We made 80 bales off this paddock. The cows got a scrap bale that evening and loved it.

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