LOL Moments – Bullet Dodging

I was worried a little by the end of milking tonight I wouldn’t have a post for tomorrow.

Good thing I took Miss 6 to help feed the calves!

I left her in charge of feeding my #bucketoflove calf Zoe.
This is my #bucketoflove. Vitrate, Peptocyl and Neomycin. I’ll leave this for a future blog.

Anyway, I let Miss 6 finish giving Zoe her bottle. She chatted away like she always does and I half listened like I tend to after a while.

She was talking about the calves, and how we need to look after them, and other things I missed!

Then she started asking about her birth…

Then it happened.

‘How do you get a baby?’

Me – “What do you mean Bubba?”

“You know! How do you get a baby in your tummy?”

Me – “Oh……uuuuuummmmmmmm……”

I knew the question would come eventually. I just wasn’t ready for it right there or then!

But while I stopped to think, Zoe finished her bottle and started bunting and slobbering all over Miss 6.

It distracted her for long enough for me to get the subject changed and her to forget!

I think it was a nervous one but I had a good laugh about it to myself!

Pretty sure I dodged a bullet there!

2 thoughts on “LOL Moments – Bullet Dodging

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