If I should die before I wake

This would be one of the best blogs I’ve read ever! Death is something we all have to face at some time. Are your thoughts this concise?



I don’t have a will, and I know I should have one.  It’s been one of those “I must do that” things that live in a long, long list of similar tasks in my head.  Given that I have put quite a bit of thought into what I want to happen when I do croak it, I should actually do something about it.  It’s more a list of what I don’t want.

I don’t want people to “celebrate” my life at my funeral.  I want them to be bloody devastated.  I want weeping. Lots of it and at a good volume. I want people to speak of their loss, how fabulous I was and how completely robbed they all feel that my life was extinguished.  I want sad, evocative music played that makes people cry (Suede’s “The Next Life” is top of the list). I don’t want any unflattering photos…

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