Truth and Impartiality

Ok. I’m a bit over some reporting on my local ABC this morning!
I understand how dead dogs might be upsetting to some. But calling the pits of greyhounds that are dead for whatever reason (remember, no actual cause of deaths have been released) “killing fields” multiple times is beyond a joke.
My Nan said where you have live ones, you’ll have dead ones.
It was a saying Nan did not take lightly. Nan was a woman of the land, 4th generation Nowendocian, who’s life was far from easy.
The death of anything was upsetting to me as a child, and honestly still is, but Nan’s ability to treat death with reverence and grace taught me all I needed to know.
1. All living creatures need to be treated with respect. Even the most annoying insect has a role to play in the circle of life.
2. Eventually every living creature dies. If there is human involvement in this death, make sure the decision isn’t made lightly and the death is as swift and painless as possible.
Possibly the most important life skill my Nan taught me was not to judge a person or a situation until all the facts are available to you.
Possibly if the media could treat animal deaths in this way, the human tragedy that often follows such reporting might be avoided.
My opinion of the deaths of many greyhounds will be withheld until information that doesn’t come from those with a huge agenda (to shut legitimate business down) aren’t the only source.
That’s the way it should be with the media as well.